Tuesday, August 10, 2010

mind or thought

a few days ago i watched DA Vinci code. a movie that was fantastic even though i need to rewind several times at certain part so i could understand the message that been delivered. i'm not sure whether the story that been told in that movie is true or not. the issue that been arise is quite interesting and i did not know whether is true or not because i am not a christian. but it is really interesting for me to learn a new thing. the history of it quite interesting and unique.
but i am not going to discuss about the religious or the history part for this time. i want to discuss about something that been mention in the movie once and make me to think about the word for several days. the word is scotoma and the definition of the word that been told in the movie is you think what you chose. well it is something interesting if we think a little bit out of a box when we discussing about this word. we just simply let ourselves to have a relation with this word. we just need to put aside everything like our religious, work and family. we just need we.
when we explain about we think what we chose, it's like we think whatever we want and no one can influence us in this subject. for instance if we feel like we want to eat so we go to eat. we will think what we want to eat or where we gonna have to eat. it's just simple as that. just like a,b,c or do re mi. but it is true? we have a full power about what we want to think. does anyone doesn't influence us when we making a decision. whenever about our life or anything in matter of job or family.
now i will try to express my theory about this matter. this matter is very subjective and when we talk about subjective matter we didn't need any references or prove for our theory. as long as the theory can be accept by logic thinking and it is not too offences other peoples.
for me the term scotoma or we think what we chose is really is have true. we always have the absolute power to control our mind or to express our thought. like the example that i've been given above that when we feel that we want to eat so we will eat and we will think about what we want to eat or where we want to eat. so for it's me it's true that we can think about what we want chose. but life is not easy as we want to. if everything so easy in this world we will absolutely live in peace and there will no be economic rescission or something like that. the choosing part in our mind is actually been control by our surrounding. our mind will always been control by something whether we realize about it or not. there will always something that influence us when we want to make a decision. for example when we want to get something to eat and we think about where we gonna to eat and suddenly there will be something that influence us to decide like a commercial in television or people surrounding us. it's like there is something that make our mind unconscious when we thought that we have a full power over our mind.
this thing is really good way to win over something. maybe like a war or anything like an election or many more. this also can be use in matter of business. we can see this type of style always use in our government. there will try to make we think that they always right and we are the one who need them the most. for example in my country Malaysia. the government nowadays always try to spread the word of peace. they will try to prevent the war between races and religious. this is because Malaysia have many races and religious. so they will try to make all the citizen of Malaysia to think that live with multi races is such a wonderful live. and they already make an improvement.
well that is when we see the people are using the power on the right track. now i will try to give an example that people are abusing their power when controlling other people minds. if we back to the year of 1969. at that moment Malaysia just got their independence and there still minor group of communist left in Malaysia at that moment. so they all try to influence all the people minds to support them for any purpose they are going to do. they try to let the people make decision but the thought or mind is been choosing by them.

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