Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i really love the word evening. i even like the evening. evening usually make me happy, full and satisfied and some time it will make me feel peaceful even though i live in a big city. usually people will come back from doing all their must to do routine to survive like work or study. usually people will settle down and rest while enjoying a simple nice high tea and talking with their friends or family. well that's why i will said the evening will make my life better. i usually love to take the high tea and sometime i will try hard to find time between my work which studying to have the high tea. well i don't know in other country but in malaysia the food was extremely good and really can make you feel better and sometime make you feel someone else. well i love to have milo o ais with some kueh like karipap, seri muka and many more but i will try to avoid to have the heavy type of food like nasi lemak or anything. to make your high tea completely perfect and enjoy you should ask your friends or maybe your family or maybe your special one to accompany you and you just can have a nice talk with them. it will make forget all the problems that you had all day and you will definitely enjoy the high tea moment. you also can avoid to talk any serious matter while having your high tea. this is because for me i would hate if someone or anybody that join my high tea session talk about any serious matter and try to play with my feeling or anything that make me think hard. well like i just said that high tea session is the time when we try to have fun and forget our problem maybe just for a moment. it's like doing spa or massage but with a cheaper way.
as we already know we can find a lot of good restaurant in malaysia. but for me it will be much more fun when we can enjoy our high tea moment just at warung. warung that classic and much more comfortable that we rarely to found nowadays. weel lucky for me because i traveled a lot since i was young. thanks to my lovely dad. i always find a nice warung to settle down for my high tea moment and it's been more lucky for me because nowadays i studying at melaka bandaraya bersejarah and we can find many warung that make me feel enjoy and comfortable just like home.
warung is very unique place to hang out. even though warung didn't open until late night like mamak or any other restaurant but warung it's very happening and the food they serve it's very delicious. why warung is much more happening? well for that answer is depend on each individual. for me warung is more happening because people never worry about the price and the palce at warung will always been havoc with people laughing and talking with each other. sometime we can share our table with someone we don't know at warung and we also can join with other people conversation. just not like at any other expensive place where we have to manage our appearance and manner while eating. where we can laugh so loud,afraid that we will disturb any other customer. well that's rules is a rubbish at warung. people will say that you are insane or maybe poyo or maybe culture shock if you try to follow the rules at any expensive restaurants.

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