Wednesday, August 4, 2010


l is for way you look at me, O is for the only one i see, V is very very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone can adore you. have you heard or read that lyrics. i believe many people have do so. this lyric is taken from a famous love song that still can be heard nowadays. L-O-V-E.many great singers have sang this song. like nat king cole and frank sinatra. and even there also a singer that give a new tempo or rhythm to that song like joss stone and many other singer that i can't remember.
but i ever wonder is love is just a four letter word like james hetfield said in his song which is a day to remember. or love is really exist and it's just me that didn't find it yet. we are not talking love with god or in religious aspect but we are talking love between humanity or between each other. is there love exists? does anyone try to spread it. does anyone ever felt it. but within a family we can said that there's maybe love. but there's still a domestic problem. like son killing his own father. we also can see that parents killing their own children. there's still no one can prove that love is exist.
what is love? many people have told me that love is a feeling that you will feel when there is right person with you. the one who will be with you forever. so, love is only can be feel with someone i know? how about the people that i didn't ever know. people that never knew me or people that doesn't care about me? will love exists between us? can i love those people?
this is always been a big question in my mind? i have heard a campaign that want to spread the love between the people but i still can see the organizer support the killing people operation. support the holocaust between each people. those people said that we have to love our country but they make it looks more suffer. they let the earth suffered and burdened it with many things that they only care is profit. but they spread that love is the most important thing that we have to have in our heart.
where is the love?

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