Monday, August 2, 2010

let me say....

today I've seen a lot of things happen. well it's funny when i just stand at one place like a goofy and watch all those people walking like there is nothing happen to them. and i can see that all those people are probably doing a same routine everyday maybe except for holiday for a years. didn't they ever get bored. for me, doing a same routine make me feel like a stupid person or feel like being controlled b someone that we can see or maybe we don't even know who it is. for right now i am studying at universities for maybe one year including this semester and i already feel bored and exhausted that I've been doing a same routines for all years. and lately I've watched clash of titans where one of the character inside the movie said the "one day there will be someone will said", much or less.
do we ever think that we will change our routine or act or anything that we had do for many years just to find something different. like maybe one day we want to go lake for fishing even though we never fishing before or had any experience about that or maybe one day we want to see the world from another perspective like maybe from the perspective of conductor bus or maybe a teacher. do we ever think that?
for me, if i ha ever get a chance to do something like that, absolutely i will ever let the chance fly through me or i ever miss the chance. but unfortunately in this world we had to lost something to get what ever that we desire that mostly to survive in this world.

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