Friday, January 21, 2011


i can say that i'm totally jealous with all those people who damn lucky because they had met Tun personally. damn man. when is my chance??? i believe tun is the living legend that had made change to malaysia.
as we know tun is used to be prime minister of will be bored if i'm telling you all the history during his leadership or premiership.but the one thing that i admire of his action during that time was he manage kept his enemies away and he doesn't scared of them.he didn't bother about his enemies.he never listened to the threat that he gets.other than that, the proof of his greatness all of his enemies still cannot manage to proof all the misbehave action that he done(maybe) during his premiership.
another reason why i admire tun is he really brave to take the risk.he know what he doing and the consequences of of the proof it was before he became a prime minister.he wrote a bokk that called as malay that book he kept complaint about malay.he said that malay will find it is difficult to success because malay people aslreday used to became as fisherman.he also said that malay people is greedy and that is the reason why malay people cannot improve them self.
but recently i attended one of his talk at utem.i skipped my class just to attend the talk with my friends.i'm so totally excited on that day.i can finally hear tun thought even though not least i do achieved my dream.malaysian peope still support him even though he had resigned his position ad prime minister and he is 85 years proof it more than 5000 young man have attended to this talk.for information this talk was organized to encouraged youth generation.the topic for this talk was how the youth generation can achieved the vision 2020.
in a nutshell after listened to tun talks for at least more than an hour we can say that the youth need to help the country to improve itself and youth also need to change their culture to achieve the vision 2020.

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