Sunday, September 26, 2010


recently i've watched eminem's music video.which the title is i'm not afraid.well is really nice and enjoyable music video and the lyrics was really interesting.well for me at least.this song has motivated me a lot.well the title itself has already bring a lot 'aura' to me.since i've heard that song i think i want to change my life and my way of living a life.i don't want to be afraid.with what people say about me and people think about me.why do i've to listen or care about them.people always say a bad thing about me.that i'm stupid and not a good guy.they always think that i'm not a suitable as their friend or anything that close to them.well fuck them!
other than me,i'm pretty sure that other people are always afraid with what the people will say about them.there is no need for them to be afraid.just like sun tzu said when you are facing the enemy that are greater than you, you should run and when you are facing the enemy that are same level with you,you should fight them as hard as you can and when you are facing the enemy that are weaker than you,you should spit are their faces.what sun tzu that are trying to say here is know your capability and don't rush in making decision.people that always afraid with what are people saying that people always making mistake in front of the other.but whats wrong with that?people make mistake.people make mistake to go fuck up with people taht always complaint about us.say in foront of their face,fuck you!

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